Credit Union Card Center
Rewards Programs

Member Choice Rewards

The Member Choice Rewards program is a travel/merchandise reward fulfillment program and is available for both credit and debit card programs.  Reward programs build and increase member usage. Points can be easily exchanged for airline tickets or other merchandise through the redemption center via a toll-free number. In addition to receiving the posting of points on their statements, your cardholders may also obtain their accumulated points through the Automated Response Unit (ARU) or online with the Credit Card Online Access. Cardholders appreciate this added feature and the rewards that they can receive just by using their credit union card!

Cash Rebate
The cash rebate program rewards members with a credit posted to their account based on purchase volume. Optional parameters include rebate accumulation, dollar amount when rebate is to start accumulation (fixed or tiered rebates), delinquency/overlimit settings and option to post rebate credit on a monthly or annual basis.

Bonus Points
Provides the ability to accumulate points based on purchase volume to redeem for rewards the credit union determines. Choice of parameter settings include point accumulation, dollar amount when points start to accumulate and delinquency/overlimit settings.